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Environmental and safety initiatives
Basic Policies concerning Responsible Care
Basic Policies concerning Responsible Care
Responsible CareIn recognition of our responsibilities as a key member of society, we will build, maintain, and operate systems for prioritizing consideration of the environment, health and safety in all of our business activities, and carry out the following.
1. Compliance with laws, etc.
We will comply with all applicable laws, regulations, rules, ordinances, voluntary rules of associations to which we belong, and internal rules related to these.
2. Environmental conservation
We will work to reduce emissions and waste, reduce our impact on the environment, reuse and recycle, and promote resource and energy conservation.
3. Securing operational safety
We will identify all operational and work risks involved in workplace operations, including distribution and waste disposal; reasonably reduce risks; and secure safety.
4. Securing product safety
In the processes of manufacturing, transport, use, and disposal, we will develop, manufacture, and market products that do not have a negative impact on the environment, health, or safety.
5. Securing communication
To eliminate concerns in the public sector, local communities, and employees concerning our products, the substances we handle, and our operations, we will strive to share the results of our Responsible Care activities along with necessary information, and to ensure correct awareness and understanding.
6. Approach to customers
With regard to safe use, transport, and disposal of our products, we will collect information regarding intended use, methods of use, etc., while providing advice, and will make recommendations for preventing misuse and other unsafe operation.
7. Study and research
We will conduct studies and research into the impact of products, processes, and disposal on the environment, health, and safety, and will also participate in studies and research by government and other external institutions.
8. Historical issues
We will work with concerned parties to resolve issues stemming from the past handling and disposal of hazardous substances.
9. Mutual support
As a member of the Japan Chemical Industry Association, we will share experiences concerning the manufacture, handling, use, transport, and disposal of chemical products; engage in mutual support with regard to these items; and cooperate in the creation and standardization of related laws and regulations through the activities of related organizations.

With these basic policies as a foundation, we will make our objectives and plans clearly known to all employees, promote Responsible Care activities, and evaluate our business activities, making final reports to the company president on all deviations from these basic policies or the possibility thereof.