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For comments and inquiries
For comments and inquiries
For comments and inquiries

Please conduct all inquiries about our web site from here.

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NUC Corporation (hereinafter, "we") shall use the name, phone number, or other personal information of customers who submitted an inquiry / question by inputting the inquiry form on this website only to answer and provide information for that inquiry / question.
Please check the Personal Information Protection Policy for more details.

While we will make our best effort to reply to your inquiry as reasonably soon as possible, please note that it may take time to reply to inquiries that require research, expert / advanced inquiries, and complaints.
We do not reply to soliciting, libel / slander, requests for replies or contributions to questionnaires or surveys, and inquiries not directly related to the business of our Group.
Please note that if your inquiry or question is related to a specific Group company, business partner, agent, dealer, or other business associate, we may disclose your name, contact information, or other personal information to a company concerned in order to respond properly.
Also, the said affiliate company may contact you.

※Transfer of operations of the Silicon Business of NUC to Dow Corning Toray Co., Ltd. was conducted on September 30, 2004. Please contact Dow Corning Toray Co., Ltd. for inquiries about silicon products.